Jun 4, 2016

10 Popular Kitchen Features for Your Highland UT Home

By Griffin Christensen


If you're considering a renovation to update your kitchen or are in the market to buy a new Highland UT home, here are some fantastic ideas of trending features I’m seeing in a lot of new homes and new kitchen remodels that will make your kitchen your new happy place.

1.Functional Sinks

A good looking sink, with lots of functionality, seems to be a feature many are interested in.  It’s the most used feature in any kitchen, so it makes sense.  Cool options are becoming increasingly available and two favorites in large, open sinks are:

Farmhouse Sinks

Farmhouse sinks are rapidly gaining popularity, and as the name implies, are sinks with big, open, rectangular basins with open fronts (which makes them look great in stainless steel).  These sinks look good mounted below or on top of the counter.  A feature that sets these sinks apart is the hardware is not mounted as part of the sink but is mounted into the counter behind the sink.

Teri Turan

Seamless Sinks

A seamless sink is either made of the same material as the counter top so there's no seam, or is undermounted on the cabinet instead of dropped in so there isn't a ridge transitioning from the counter to the sink.  A seamless sink not only looks great but makes cleanup super easy.    Many kitchens are designed using seamless sinks because of their clean, minimalistic feel. 

LG House - Kitchen

2.Open Layout

Your kitchen is no longer just a place to cook, clean, and eat.  More and more, people are viewing their kitchen as a communal area where entertaining and conversation is just as important as food preparation.    An open kitchen creates a warm welcoming environment for guests and family alike.

If you’re renovating your kitchen, consider taking out walls that keep the kitchen isolated from the living area.  Depending on where your load-bearing walls are, you may be able to get a single wall kitchen design.

Single wall open kitchens are becoming common.  This design really opens your main floor and can give a spacious feel to a smaller space.  This is especially true if the flooring extends from the living room into the kitchen, tying it all together. 

While this design accomplishes all the benefits of an open kitchen, the downside is a dramatically reduced storage and food preparation area, so installing an island is a must. 

Asheville Kitchen

3.Center Island

Having a center island in an open floor plan creates a gathering place for visitors to chat and interact as food is being prepared or cleaned up.  If the sink is in the island, it also helps maintain the kitchen triangle: stove to fridge to sink.

An island can incorporate all the things you need:

  • Storage
  • Seating
  • Dining
  • Food preparation surfaces

Many designs even incorporate the

  • dish washer
  • pull out garbage can
  • sink

If a single wall design isn’t in the cards, consider an L-shaped design, which are also very open and can easily accommodate an island if space allows.

Transitional Family Home

4.Neutral Colors

Trends don’t always stick around.  In fact, they generally don’t.  Renovating a kitchen is expensive so unless you know you’ll love it in 5 years, stick to things that have stood the test of time. 

This is especially true if the house isn’t your forever home.  Vibrant colors can be fun, but can appear crazy and be a turnoff to some buyers.  For this reason, neutral colors like warm grey, white, and tones of tan create an inviting environment and should be considered in your kitchen’s color palette. 

Keep cabinets neutral to match and use your decorations and accessories to add those vibrant splashes of color you’re looking for. 

Project Newton Corner

5.Quartz and Granite for the Countertops

There are enough opinions out there to make an entire article specific to the pros and cons of all the different types of countertops available for your kitchen.  To cut through the chatter and not make this article 5000 words long, you can’t go wrong with quartz and granite as the material for your kitchen countertop. 

There are differences between the two and each has their unique benefits so whether your research convinces you granite is the way to go or quartz is your best option, these are the advantages they both share together:

  • They are the unchallenged reigning kings of high end countertops.  So if you’re renovating and can see a sale in your future, using these materials will be your best bet to bring a return on the investment.
  • They have a classic look and you can find every color and pattern variation imaginable so finding a perfect fit for your kitchens color palette is assured.
  • Both are extremely durable and fairly simple to maintain.
  • They are both beautiful and can drastically improve the look and feel of your kitchen space.
Fresh Traditional Aurora IL Kitchen Design and Remodel

6.Hardwood Floors

Tile isn’t a bad choice for your kitchen floor if you use dark grout, love the look of stone, and want something with zero upkeep.  It also comes in lots of different styles, colors, patterns and looks.  Another argument for tile over hardwood is that wood floors have more potential of getting stained, warped by water, and dented by everything.  So why are so many ripping out the tile and installing hardwood?  Several reasons:

First, if you have an open floor plan, continuous flooring unifies and connects the spaces on your main floor.

Second, wood is beautiful and warm and won’t look dated over time.  The timelessness of wood ensures you won’t be redoing your floor every 5-10 years.

Third, a well-sealed hardwood (oak, maple and cherry, for example) is not as susceptible to moisture and dents as tile lovers would have you believe.  Obviously, soft woods like cedar and pine will dent and scratch but a well maintained oak floor, for example, will easily withstand the high traffic wear and tear every kitchen experiences. 

Sullivan Kitchen

7.Pot Filler

Such a small thing to make our list of “must have” features for your new kitchen.  But for anyone that has worked as a cook in a restaurant, or had one in a previous home, it’s a feature that once experienced is hard to let go.

Not only does a pot filler save your back from the strain of hauling a heavy pasta pot from the sink to the stove, but it also adds a cool professional touch to the kitchen.

White Kitchen with Bianco Antico Granite, Beveled Arabesque tile

8.Tiled Backsplash

It seems the backsplash is the first thing to go in a kitchen remodel that’s over budget.  This is unfortunate as a backsplash noticeably enhances the look of your kitchen.   Luckily, however, this is a great example of a do-it-yourself project that with a little time and the right tools, really isn’t that hard. 

And with so many options of material (ceramic, glass, brick) and colors and patterns, it isn’t hard to transform your kitchen.

Miller Kitchen

9.Plenty of Light

Lots of light really opens up and enhances the open feel of your kitchen.  This is especially true if it’s natural light.  So if you’re on the search for a new home, looking for large windows in your kitchen is a must.

Another creative way to bring more light into your kitchen is through under counter and under cabinet lighting.

Scarsdale Kitchen #1

10.Smart Storage

As kitchens become more open, utilizing all the storage space becomes more important.  Look for corner pull out drawers or lazy susans that use the corner spaces.  Consider incorporating an islands with drawers and racks to store plates and bowls.  And nowadays many drawers are being built deeper and have pullout shelves to hold and more easily access pots and pans.

Shaker Grey
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