Dec 11, 2015

Timpanogos Cave: Gateway in Highland City

By Griffin Christensen

Highland City is home to many natural attractions. One of the most notable is the Timpanogos Cave National Monument. Though the actual monument is not situated in Highland City, Highland is the gateway and the Visitors Center is just a few miles up the mouth of American Fork Canyon.

The cave is positioned on the steep mountainside of American Fork Canyon. The spectacular underground scenery inside the cave was formed over time by natural forces. You will see mineral deposits and forming crystals of many shapes and sizes. Also found in the cave are drapries, pocorn, helicities, flowstone, stalactites and stalagmites.

The hike is a short but strenuous 1.5 miles up a steep mountainside trail. You will climb to the caves entrance about 1,000 feet above the canyon floor. The round trip including the tour through the cave is about 3.5 miles. It takes about 3 hours to complete.

The temperatures inside the caves are about 45 degrees fahrenheit, so you may want to bring a light jacket or sweatshirt. Weather permitting the cave is open from mid May to mid October. Tours are guided by Park Rangers and tickets must be purchased at the Visitors Center. You may purchase tickets up to 30 days in advance by calling the Monument.



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